General Tenancy Information

The Tenancy Agreement

We use the standard Residential Tenancy Agreement from Tenancy Services, a government entity. The current version is available here.

It spells out rights and responsibilities for each of us:

You have the right to

  • quiet enjoyment of a healthy and safe home
  • routine maintenance completed promptly and efficiently
  • be given notice, as required by Law, to be informed of planned inspections and maintenance

We have the right to

  • make property inspections with 48 hours notice
  • get property repairs and maintenance done with 24 hours notice
  • follow up on any breaches of the Agreement – rent arrears or complaints.

You are responsible for

  • paying on time
  • keeping the house reasonably clean and tidy, and unaltered
  • keeping the grounds clear of rubbish and danger
  • mowing the lawns and keeping the gardens weeded, if that is part of your contract (not usually for students).
  • notifying us of any repairs or maintenance needing done, regardless of the cause
  • all guests and visitors at your tenancy
  • using the house only for lawful and permitted purposes
  • making sure the neighbours and the landlord’s other tenants are not disturbed with loud noise or music
  • paying for repair of broken windows.   It may be cheaper to do this through our maintenance team.
  • not exceeding the maximum number listed on your lease, living at the premises

We are responsible for

  • paying the overheads of the property to ensure that it is compliant
  • letting you know if there are any changes to the conditions of your tenancy
  • giving you notice of inspections and/or repairs
  • dealing with any problems in a timely manner
  • not interfering with any essential services – power, water, phone – without first consulting you.

The Bond

Your bond is money held by Tenancy Services (a Government Agency) to be used at the end of the tenancy if there are any damages needing to be claimed, or rent arrears to be paid.

It is important to have a good Initial Inspection Report at the start of your tenancy, so you are clear on what state the house was in when you moved in.  This is often completed using photos, and a quick paper report to confirm and agree.

Your full bond will normally be refunded if you have

  • Paid all rent in full
  • Not damaged the property
  • Cleaned the property to a ready to move into state for the next tenant
  • Returned all chattels and furniture (inside and out) to the original room it was in.
  • Handed back all keys
  • Removed all your gear inside and outside the property.

We provide a Cleaning Schedule and Checklist so you know what you are being assessed against.

New Tenant Checklist

Extras for Students/New Flatters

OUSA have produced a really useful “flatting” handbook.