Application Process

  • Find a property you are interested in viewing.
  • Contact us to view if you haven’t already been inside – 027 693 0762.
  • In 2020, we are limiting viewings until after the Semester 1 assessments are completed, in order for our tenants to remain as undistracted as possible during this post-Covid 19 period.
  • Complete a Pre-tenancy Application Form and bring with you to the viewing. It should be completed in full with your photo ID, so that your application can be processed quickly. Bring any other supporting evidence of your reliability and responsibility as a tenant if you choose. This can be a bit difficult if you haven’t rented before – so add testimonials or phone number of previous employers, sports coaches, teachers, etc.
  • Alternatively, you may wish to send in your Pre-tenancy Application Forms via email following the viewing.
  • References are checked. Availability of referees can take time.
  • Decision on suitable group is phoned to your group – flat offered, or informed you did not get it.
  • Meet to sign the lease.

Please note that we only rent to full groups of people – so if it is a flat of 5, 5 people need to get their applications in before we begin processing.

What will you pay?

You need to be sure before signing a Tenancy Agreement that you are capable of paying, and so are the others you have signed with.  The Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding document, and often you have signed it well in advance of actually taking up the tenancy.

  • BOND (a group payment) is due on student tenancies by 30 October, and on non-student tenancies prior to moving in.
  • RENT is paid “in advance” which means, the payment being made is paying “forwards”. For example, a one week rent payment on 31 Dec, is paying for 1 Jan – 7 Jan… then the next payment is due 7 Jan to pay for 8- 14 Jan. At the time of signing the lease, the tenant designates whether they will pay weekly or fortnightly, and all the people living at the house, will pay as one payment by autopayment, referenced as designated on the lease.

The Bond

The Bond is lodged with Tenancy Services as required under the Residential Tenancies Act, and is held until the end of your tenancy against any cleaning, damages or arrears which become apparent once you have left the tenancy.

Bond refund - It is our practise to process the Bond Refund once the last gear has been removed from the premises.  It is not available for any “during the tenancy” damages – these are invoiced as/if they occur.

Check out Tenant Information for further information about our practices and processes.