400 Leith St

  • upstairs bathroom
  • 400 upstairs hallway
  • bedroom 3-2
  • bedroom 4
  • bedroom 4-2
  • bedroom 5
  • bedroom 5-2
  • bedroom 7
  • downstairs bathroom
  • front hallway
  • hallway to living
  • kitchen 2
  • kitchen 3
  • laundry
  • living
  • stairs to upstairs

Rent for 2021 will be set by mid-June, but feel free to express an interest before that. We can't show a large group through under Level 2 - but hopefully this listing gives you an insight into the property.  Give me a call to arrange a viewing 027 693 0762 (Helen)

We normally do not process applications until the start of Semester 2 - giving time for everyone to get their group organised for the following year, and the current tenants time to decide if they are to stay for the following year.

400 is right in the Campus part of Leith St Central - a stone's throw from the Clock Tower.

It features seven large bedrooms, with two bathrooms and open-plan living flowing out onto a courtyard overlooking the Leith.

Both bathrooms have continuous hot water, so it never runs out.

There are wide open hallways - a feature of the era the house was built in - which means you never feel crowded in your own home!

Past tenants have tended to stay more than one year in order to remain in this great flat in the central zone.

While we've done our best to correctly map this location, it may not be exact.